Susane Onic is a performance and multimedia artist. At an early age she got in contact with different cultures, which shaped her perception and understanding of human beings, different ways of living, dividing and connecting factors and formed the basis for her later travels to Australia, Central America, North Africa, Papua New Guinea, South and Southeast Asia. During her studies and after graduation from art school – impressed and fascinated by the pulsation, the flow in the chaos, the conception of space and (human) being – she undertook several journeys to India and Nepal. The ambivalence, typical for these countries, presents a fertile background for her creative methods, such as combining modern technology with traditional and manual techniques.

Her latest work deal with bodies in motion, the activity of the audience and the position of men and women in public and private space. Using audiovisual media, such as in-ear microphones, (head) cameras and projectors in installations and performances she aims at an interface between digital and performance art, as well as interactive and integrative art. Her methods aim to activate the observer's perception and consequently trigger his or her critical mode of reflection.

In a lucid and playful manner she encourages the observer to reflect upon diversity, to re-evaluate prejudices and preconditions and to question the pre-existing norms and codes of society, culture and religion.